Sales Manager

Let us build a marketing strategy that aligns with your sales efforts, and consistently drives leads that are higher in quality.

As the Sales Manager, you have many responsibilities. You are responsible for bringing in home remodeling projects, managing the sales teams, proposals, marketing efforts, marketing budgets, sales forecasts, and more. By partnering with us, we can align your company’s marketing efforts with your sales team to help you hit your sales quotas. Using consistent messaging across departments can help solidify what your sales team is saying to homeowners.

How Can We Help a Sales Manager of a Home Remodeling Company?

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    Generate Leads On-Demand

    You can make seasonality a thing of the past. Our clients have been able to keep their sales pipeline full using our inbound marketing strategies. With the flexibility to generate leads on-demand, you can set more appointments when your schedule is light.

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    Shorter Sales Cycles

    Because we help you attract clients who are actively seeking and weighing solutions, you will end up with more educated prospects in your process. Using the lead nurturing strategies that we put in place, you will be able to reduce the number of incoming questions, and your prospects will be quicker to make decisions.

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    Higher Closing Rates

    As a result of the content bank we develop for your company, you will become an industry thought leader and will develop trust with homeowners. Our lead nurturing strategies will help to increase closing rates by educating your ideal clients with your own home remodeling value propositions.

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