Owner / General Manager

We will provide you with the tactical and strategic insights that you need to grow your Home Remodeling Business.

As the Owner/General Manager of a contracting business, it can often feel like you are on an island alone when it comes to running your business. At Leads Ngin, we seek to make you as our client feel as if you have gained a trusted partner in us by being highly invested in the success of your business. By making your marketing measurable, we can make actionable decisions to generate improvement in your inbound marketing performance and make it sustainable.

How can we help the Owner/General Manager of a home remodeling business?

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    Generate Leads On-Demand

    Develop a strategy where you have more control over the ups and downs of your business and keep your pipeline full.

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    Create Reports That Clearly Explain ROI

    “The most expensive marketing you can do, is the one that doesn’t work.” Make your marketing measureable so you can properly manage it.

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    Strategies on How You Can Increase Your Pricing

    Build a marketing campaign that is not based solely on price. It is important to focus on value to stand out above those battling for the lowest price.

Solutions for Your Challenge

inbound marketing onboarding process

Onboarding Process

Inbound Marketing Strategy Development

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Buyer Persona Driven Blog Development

Social Media Posting

Social Media Posting

Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing

High Value Content Offer

High Value Content Offers

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Lead Tracking & Reporting

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Search Engine Optimization

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