Tracking & Reporting

“You can’t manage, what you don’t measure.” This statement is an example of why we measure all of our efforts during each part of the sales funnel. We can make decisions based on what the data says is working vs. not working. Analytics are reviewed weekly and we follow by planning our course of action for the following week.

lead tracking and reporting

Information we track

we track the number of website viewerswebsite viewer sources

Website Number of Viewers

This is the first measurement that we review. Website Traffic is the beginning of the process when building your online sales funnel. As we develop your inbound marketing campaign, your volume of traffic will increase.

Website Viewer Activity

As the traffic on your website increases, it is important to know what your viewers are doing when they get there. Are they spending time on your website or are they immediately abandoning it? Do they review multiple pages or only the home page? Is there a specific page where most visitors spend more of their time? Is there a particular page that most of them seem to exit your website completely after viewing? By looking at the analytics, we can find answers to questions like these, which guides us into making actionable decisions for your website.

Website Viewer Sources

It is important to know where viewers are clicking to visit your website. Not only do our reports tell us what sources are producing traffic, but they also say which sources are generating quality traffic that converts to leads. This way of tracking helps us reduce the volume of solicitation calls, and focus our efforts on generating leads that are bookable for estimates.

social media posting service

Social Media Engagement

We have noticed companies that consistently post on social media but are not getting any results. Social media is one of those efforts that rewards quality over quantity. Our goal is to consistently post on your behalf, and through trial and error, we use our tracking methods to design posts that will increase engagement and lead conversions.

email marketing services

Landing Page Conversions

Many elements that go into building a quality landing page that converts. For example, you need to make sure that your visitors can quickly identify what your landing page is about. Explain right away what value they can expect to receive after giving you their information. By tracking our landing page conversions, we can make proper adjustments to increase the effectiveness of your landing pages.

call tracking

Call Tracking & Form Submissions

Our call tracking systems not only tell us how many calls and form submissions come in, but can tell us where they came from. Additionally, we have the ability to record calls to identify which calls are considered leads or nuisance calls. For added value, your recorded calls can be used for future training purposes.

lead grading

Lead Grading

Often, home remodeling contractors want to know “How many leads am I getting from my investment?” We like to take it a step further and identify how many “bookable calls” are you receiving. Meaning, of all of the calls that came in, how many were actually looking for a product or service that you offer? These are the calls that are valuable. We can also eliminate efforts that are producing the nuisance calls. Our reporting software can track where they came from, which in turn gives us the information we need to improve our marketing efforts.

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Onboarding Process

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Social Media Posting

Social Media Posting

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Email Marketing

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High Value Content Offers

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Lead Tracking & Reporting

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Search Engine Optimization

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