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The way marketing is handled for a contracting business has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. In the past, you only needed a contractor’s license, insurance, a bond, and an ad in the yellow pages. If you made it big, you may have advertised in the newspaper, on TV, or the radio.

Homeowners were accustomed to having to call a remodeling contractor in order to be educated on their anticipated home remodeling project. This was largely due to the lack of resources and accessibility to information.

As the internet developed, the way of marketing evolved with the rise of the search engines. Naturally, marketing a home remodeling business evolved into advertisements on Google, either in the organic or paid section.

Fast forward to today; consumer buying habits have changed dramatically. Home owners these days start their buyer’s journey with research. It is common for a home owner today to call a contractor with a pretty good idea of what they are looking for in value.

Because of the way that home owners make purchasing decisions today, it is important to fulfill their needs and provide them with the educational information they are searching for online. To do so, we need first to identify who that potential homeowner is, and then what solutions you could provide to solve their biggest concerns.

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onboarding process

Onboarding Process

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Buyer Persona Driven Blog Development

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Social Media Posting

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Email Marketing

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High Value Content Offers

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Search Engine Optimization

Inbound Marketing Guarantees

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    Monthly Meeting Guarantee

    Often, business owners feel that nothing is being done on their account unless they call and become the squeaky wheel. We take a more proactive approach. We schedule monthly meetings with all of our clients to keep them updated about the work being done, the progress, and the results. Our “Monthly Meeting Guarantee” is our promise to you that we will meet with you in person, by phone, or Google Hangout on a monthly basis… or we will give you a 25% credit for that month.

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    Website Security Guarantee

    When you market your website, it should make it more visible. When your website becomes more visible, it also becomes more visible to hackers. Our “Website Security Guarantee” is our promise to you that your website will not get hacked. If it does, and we cannot fix the issue, we will clean out your hosting files, and rebuild your website at no cost.

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We will provide you with the tactical and strategic insights that you need to grow your Home Remodeling Business.

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We can help with the technical elements of marketing, as well as strategic fundamentals necessary to build a solid pipeline of homeowners.

Office Manager

Let us partner with you so you can focus your time on what you are great at. You are the glue that holds your company together.

Sales Manager

Let us build a marketing strategy that aligns with your sales efforts, and consistently drives leads that are higher in quality.

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