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6 Types of Content Marketing to Kick Off Your Online Marketing

High-quality content is a powerful way to supercharge your online marketing. In fact, it’s essential if you want to attract the high quality leads you’re looking for. When the words “content marketing” are mentioned, the primary example that comes to mind is probably blogging. Blogging is a powerful way to strengthen your marketing funnel and improve search engine optimization. But

SharpSpring vs Hubspot: A 'real deal' marketing software comparison

SharpSpring vs Hubspot: A ‘real deal’ marketing software comparison

Marketing software is the heart of coordinating your small business marketing for maximum impact. Marketing software boosts your leads, supercharges conversion, and increases sales, so it's essential to make the right investment in your marketing software. Two of the most well-known and preferred marketing software options for small to medium-sized businesses are HubSpot and SharpSpring. Both perform a similar function
The Top 5 Email Automation Tools Compared

The Top 5 Email Automation Tools Compared

Email automation is an essential tool to give your company the best marketing potential to communicate and convert. Email marketing has a huge benefit for businesses, and email automation makes your emails even more powerful, with an open rate that’s 70.5% higher than standard emails, and 152% higher click-through rate. But to put your email automation marketing plans into action,

How inbound marketing can increase your home remodeling leads

Does Inbound Marketing Work for a Home Remodeling Company?

Gaining quality leads for a home remodeling business can be difficult. However, 93% of businesses using inbound marketing see an increase in leads. Lead generation for a home remodeling business is still often done by word of mouth, but homeowners are now relying on internet searches to find quality home remodeling contractors near them. If you want to stand out

What is Email Automation and Why is it Important

What is Email Automation and Why is it Important?

Email automation is an essential part of any effective marketing plan. Email automation takes the legwork out of staying up to date with your clients and makes communication more accessible, without losing the personalized touch. Best of all, email automation offers targeted and specific incentives and nurturing to help move your customers towards engaging with your business and wanting to