SEO Is Not Enough: Lead Generation Strategies You Need To Know

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Despite the fact that there are a myriad of effective and organic lead generation strategies, online marketers are utterly in love with search engine optimization (SEO). We can’t necessarily blame them either; SEO lead generation is arguably one of the quickest and most cost-effective techniques for driving quality traffic to your business. It’s also fairly simple to implement and can

5 Awesome SEO Content Audit Tools That Will Help You Save Time

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An SEO Content Audit is basically a web-wide quality control on every piece of indexable content your brand has ever put out. It doesn’t end at just blogs, articles, and social media posts. A complete audit includes websites, website pages, and website sub-sections. Even the ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact Us’ pages of a website count in an SEO content audit.

3 Old School SEO Mistakes You Need to Stop Doing in 2018

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Every SEO expert and online marketer knows that Google (to our eternal dismay) loves updating their search engine algorithm almost every year. In this industry, frustration is a familiar friend. To spend months figuring out Google’s new ranking factors only to have them change again in a few weeks is a common shared experience. Yes; at this point, it’s pretty

5 Top Factors that Influence Your Google Rankings in 2018

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The difficult thing about figuring out Google’s ranking factors is that Google is constantly changing its search engine algorithm. To be fair, it has to keep changing it in order to keep searches relevant. That, and to prevent black hat SEO techniques—such as keyword stuffing, hidden links, and cloaking—from actually working. However, that leaves us white hat SEO experts in

Why Your Facebook Likes Don’t Matter Anymore

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It’s been a while since Facebook released Facebook Business—a branch of the social media platform dedicated to assisting businesses of any size with their social media marketing campaigns. A lot of features may have changed, but the basic objectives are the same: drive sales by getting as many people to notice you so that you can interact with them and then

The 3 Red Flags of a Shady Digital Marketing Company

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Finding a good marketing company can be pretty challenging. Between checking their reputation and making sure they’re a solid fit for your business’s specific needs, there are a lot of factors to consider. Most businesses manage this feat through direct referrals, which at least gives them assurance of the company’s credibility. However, for businesses who are starting fresh—no recommendations, no

Why Your Website Needs to be on WordPress

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Ever since its release in 2003, WordPress has undoubtedly become a fan favorite. Developers of all levels—from the clueless to the extremely tech-savvy—find it to be simple yet versatile, powerful but unintimidating. Even with all the newer Content Management Systems (CMS) to choose from, WordPress is no doubt the best option. Here’s why: Cost-Effective Whether you’re a fresh startup or

The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Your Bounce Rate

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How good is your website at retaining visitors? Do they choose to hang around for a while, or are your visitors just bouncing right off after they’ve reached your landing page? Fortunately, there’s a metric that could tell you exactly how many people bounce away from your website. First off, let’s get a deeper understanding of what a bounce rate

How to Know When to Hire an Online Marketer for Your Business

How to Know When to Hire an Online Marketer for Your Business

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Every business, one way or another, started from the bottom. Take it from Drake; no one was born successful. Even successful commercial companies like Apple, McDonald’s, and Walmart were once start-ups. Sure, most businesses fizzle out and die before they can break even. Other companies stay firmly within the ‘small business’ category no matter how long they keep at it.