Who Are We?

We focus specifically on the home remodeling industry, allowing us to better understand the needs of your business. In 2014, we started a carpet cleaning company from the ground up. Throughout the process, we learned that there is much more to running an in-home services company than simply increasing marketing efforts and expenses.

In school, we are taught the simple economic principle of supply and demand. However, creating and running the carpet cleaning business taught us that there is a third factor to consider: Cashflow. Think of supply, demand, and cashflow as the three main components you will need to continually balance in your business. Without cashflow, you cannot create demand (AKA – Marketing). If you have enough cashflow to create the demand but run out, you’ll then be unable to deliver on your service. However, without demand, no one will be willing to buy your supply (AKA – Your services). This insight has completely changed the way we partner with our clients.

Now, Leads Ngin can truly say that we partner with our clients because we have a first-hand understanding of all of the pressures that a home remodeling contractor deals with on a daily basis.

Leads Ngin Inbound Marketing Services for Home Remodelors

Our Mission

To Become the Most Trusted Marketing Provider for Home Remodeling Contractors.

How Are We Going To Achieve Our Mission?

By Mastering Our Craft

We perform monthly company audits and client surveys to identify which key areas of our business need improvement. Then, we take the time to prioritize the list and set an action plan on how we are going to increase value in these areas. Through this discipline of constant optimization of our company, we will achieve our mission.

Leads Ngin Core Values

Core Values

  • Connector.


    Honoring our commitments and always doing what is right

  • Connector.


    Maintaining a sense of something greater than ourselves

  • Connector.


    Our goal is to improve the lives of everyone that we have the privilege to meet

  • Connector.


    You don’t need a title in order to lead. Everyone at every level of the company needs to lead, by example, actions, perspective, effort, and attitude

  • Connector.


    This is a Japanese word for constant and never-ending improvement. Always working towards our full potential.

Learn How We Can Help You in Your Role

Owner / General Manager

We will provide you with the tactical and strategic insights that you need to grow your Home Remodeling Business.

Marketing Manager

We can help you with the technical elements of marketing, as well as the strategic fundamentals necessary to build a solid pipeline of homeowners.

Office Manager

Let us partner with you so you can focus your time on what you are great at. You are the glue that holds your company together.

Sales Manager

Let us build a marketing strategy that aligns with your sales efforts, and consistently drives leads that are higher in quality.

Looking to Do it Yourself?

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