Our Services

Web Design

It seems like building websites is such a commodity these days. With all of the free website builders that are available, why should we have Leads Ngin build our website? In reality you could build your own website, but there is a question we would like you to think about. “Is building websites one of your strengths and do you have experience in building websites?” Chances are that you are very good at what your business does, if not the best in your industry. Don’t let your companies quality and reputation go unappreciated because of a poorly designed website. There is a lot of preplanning that has to happen when you build the strategy for the website. We build our websites with the end in mind. Whether it is to gain a lead, build an audience, or simply become a subject matter expert. Our team consists of specialists that are very good at their specific functions, from story boarding to website design to copy writing to site mapping. We find that with how complicated marketing has become, it is impossible to be great at everything when it comes to building a website.

Marketing Strategies

We have seen it happen too often. An account executive walks into your business and offers you a new way to advertise. You do some due diligence and it sounds like a good idea and you sign the contract. This happens a handful of times, and that has now become your marketing campaign. This often leads to confusion and frustration.

Leads Ngin helps you identify who your target audience is and develops a marketing plan to get your business in front of the right customer at the right time. We help you come up with a budget for your marketing and design a campaign to fit with in it.

ROI Tracking

We believe that the most expensive advertising that you can do is the one that doesn’t work. But how do you figure that out? It is not as simple as measuring how many calls you got. That is one measurement, but we dig much deeper into your marketing. We measure other key performance indicators. For example, how many bookable calls did you get? How many did you sell and for how much? What is your average ticket? All of these measurements tell us a story and gives us guidance to make better decisions for your advertising. Stop making blind decisions when it comes to your marketing!

Marketing Consulting

So you have the marketing strategy and tracking methods set up. Maybe you have even learned how to read the reports and know what moves to make next for your advertising. But wait! Then this new way to advertise comes out. Yikes! What do you do? With information technology changing how we do business all the time, how do you keep up with all of the new ways to advertise? The fact is, you shouldn’t. You should focus on your business, and let us keep up with the rapid changing landscape. Leads Ngin keeps up with all of the new trends and marketing platforms so you don’t have to. Depending on the level of advertising you are at, we can consult at any level to fit your needs. All of our clients, send all solicitations for marketing, to us to handle for them. Even though we are outsourced, we act as an in house marketing department for them. Since we do not have a vested interest in the solicitation, we can be completely agnostic to our recommendations, because our vested interest is in your company and your success.

Get Clarity on Your Marketing!

Stop guessing on your marketing strategy. Let us help you identify which of your marketing campaigns is giving you the best results.